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“Why be adequate when you can be exceptional?”

Do you keep waiting for things to happen rather than making them happen?

Do you make things happen or do you prefer to watch things unfold?

Do you wait for miracles from heaven or the universe without ALSO taking action to get what you want?

In this life, there are two sets of people, those who make things happen and those who wait for them to happen. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences.

If you are a “makes things happen” type of a person you; don’t accept defeat or take no for an answer and you go for what you want and make it happen. You find a way to progress towards your intended goal. Even if the final outcome is not 100% of what you were shooting for at least you would have made progress.

These are the people who bridge the gap between generating ideas and implementing them. Consistency is the keyword here. Just as you don’t become stronger or faster with infrequent trips to the gym, developing soft skills works the same way. They require the same nurturing and dedication as anything else you want to become better at in your life. .

If you are a “wait for things to happen” type of a person you; often complain, blame and criticize. Constant complaining and blaming in regards to your work, your relationships, your finances, or just life in general is going to prevent you from stepping up to solve the problem. Particularly if you have convinced yourself that you are justified in all of your complaints. Now the truth is you may very well be justified in your feelings but to be “stuck” in the state of complaint, blame and criticism will not move the needle forward.

Additionally, in the event that you are engaging with a team and you are consistently complaining and criticizing it has even more of a negative effect. The most common natural reaction for someone is to clam up and shy away from a conversation with you. This is particularly vital when trying to settle a conflict. Conflict resolution does not occur by criticizing your fellow team members. If you skip right to criticizing, you will never get anything accomplished.

So how can you stay or get on the path to being exceptional? Well I thought you’d never ask. The following are three behaviors/actions that will ensure that you are a “make things happen” type of person.

  1. Keep the promises that you make to yourself

  • When you make a promise to other individuals, odds are that are you uphold it in light of the fact that your personal reputation and the quality of the relationship are on the line. But what about making promises to yourself? It’s easier to break promises made to ourselves than it is to another, yet keeping self-promises builds the self-adequacy and self-confidence whereupon character is based. If you want to feel unstoppable, start by keeping the promises you make to yourself when nobody’s looking.

  1. Build yourself up daily and Stay in gratitude

  • I’m a major believer in setting personal challenges to build resiliency. The decisions you make shape who you are today and who you will be tomorrow. Remaining fit doesn’t stop at the treadmill or after you fit into your favorite black dress from 10 years ago. There is emotional and spiritual fitness that balance each other out and make for a balanced person. Take the time to ‘pause’ and acknowledge the wins in your life. Give Thanks to the creator and the universe while also recognizing your actions or in some cases inactions that contributed to the win. Engage in that daily practice, stay in gratitude and that will continue to fuel you.

  1. Surround yourself with people who will challenge you

  • It's nice to have people around who support you and are of like mind. Amenable people increase your confidence and allow a certain level of relaxation. The vast majority of us build up a stable of people with whom we like to work. We know their styles, and they know ours. It's comfortable and advantageous. It is easy to find a rhythm, and it works. Unfortunately, that level of comfort can slow down the very learning and development that can expand your business or your career. It's nice to have people agree, however you need and varying viewpoints to dig out the truth from a group-think and ideation.If everyone in the group has a similar point of view, your work will experience the ill effects of rarely breaking limits and creating often unnecessary failure. It's time to shake things up and get uncomfortable. As a leader, it can be challenging to create an environment in which people will freely dissent and debate, but just remember, "From confrontation comes brilliance."

On the heels of being honored as one of the Top 25 Courageous Women in Business I know the benefits of engaging in the actions and behaviors to shoot for exceptional! I am committed to the conscious decision that I make on a daily basis as I take the above 1-2-3 step approach. If you know that you need help or guidance in particular areas of your life, don’t just wish for it. Act! And reach out to those ahead of you.

Specifically, if you are a CEO in your business or your career and you know that you need a coach or a guide in regards to Leadership, Strategy, Accountability or Team Optimization then you need to raise your hand. Let’s have a conversation to determine if we would be a good fit for each other. One of the ways that I continue to strive toward exceptional is based on how I serve my clients. And I would love the opportunity to serve you. You can go to to complete an application for a complimentary Discovery Session with me. You could also reach out to via my website

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