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Redefining "ROCKSTAR" Leadership.

Making it work for you, not you for it!

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See What People are Saying...

"Wow, the authenticity and the realness of the author just leaps off the pages in this book. While I was reading, it was like she was talking directly to me, like she could see my life from inside out somehow. The lessons she ties in using Jamaican proverbs definitely help drive home key points that I need to evaluate and reevaluate. And the practical tips she provides can help anyone move forward. This is a definite must-read and will be a book, that I refer to repeatedly whenever I feel like I'm losing momentum"

"This concise book speaks to the heart of those among us so dedicated to getting *it* right in our professional and personal lives, that we fail to do what’s right for us. The author’s personal journey, strategies to become a true rockstar in your life and Jamaican proverbs combine to make a refreshing and inspiring read for professionals ready to take control of their destinies"

"Just when I thought there was no way to relieve myself, as lawyer, professional teacher, single mom, only child, and entrepreneur hopeful, of the scrolling “to do” list that I awaken to in my head every single morning, this book gave me hope. The author is honest with her journey (it didn’t happen over night), including her internal doubts and fears as well as those of her immediate family. I like the realistic picture she paints, made lighter with humor. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. The task seems less daunting for having done so. The take away-don’t just let go...set up structures that support you so that you can with peace of mind, let it go!."

"This workbook is loaded with priceless nuggets for the busy entrepreneur. It's so easy for one to drown in an ocean of to do lists, meetings, planning, financial issues, customer management systems, etc. that we often become slaves in our own businesses.

The author did an amazing job at identifying and addressing the elephant in the room when it comes to the power of delegation. I learned many tips and strategies that can help me let go of the need to "save the day" in every area of my life and gently allow others to help me complete my mission.

The exercises and assessments were an eye opener for me as I was able to understand my weaknesses and strengths.

I highly recommend this workbook to anyone who is looking for an easier way out of their business martyrs role."

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