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Ronette Clarke Williams is the Founder & CEO of Optimum Productivity, Inc., a Global Virtual Business and Coaching company. She is the Resource Optimization Catalyst (ROC) and the creator of the (4P) Productivity, Profitability, People Management and Peace of Mind Movement.

Ronette has over 20 years of experience in IT Project Management, Business Analysis and Team Management. Prior to shifting her focus to entrepreneurs and small business owners she honed her expertise at several Fortune 500 companies, such as; IBM, Coca Cola, Ernst & Young and SunTrust Bank. Utilizing her corporate background and extensive personal experience, she’s committed to translating her ever-growing wins into wins for her clients.


Ronette teaches female entrepreneurs how to optimize team, resulting in increased profitability, productivity and progress within their organization, so that they can C.E.O with ease and confidence! Her company offers business coaching, training, online & live programs and virtual assistant services/packages.

Let her #opTEAMize YOUR Team!!

Personal Life

I am a first generation Afro-Caribbean ( my family is Jamaican) born here in the U.S. I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island - a city that is much more diverse than people would think.


One quirky fact about me : Despite being Caribbean and growing up in the Ocean State I do not eat seafood.

I currently live in Atlanta, GA with my husband of 20 years, my 2 amazing children and my "feisty as ever" 80 year old mother. We have lived here for the last 13 years. Our home is full of laughter, chaos, breakthroughs, drama, movie nights, homework, breakdowns, frustration, forgiveness and most of all LOVE!!

My family and "ride or die" friends are a source of support that is unshakeable. For my children, particularly my daughter (a.k.a. Lady Z) to observe me pushing everyday for my dreams let's them know that they can do it too! Out of all of the kudos, compliments, testimonials, cheers, etc. that I have received the ones that touch my heart the most are from my closest loved ones.

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Lady Z's Testimonial (for her mother):

I am a Catalyst

Therefore I...

  • AM authentic, benevolent, and empathetic.

  • Search for identity, meaning, and significance.

  • AM relationship oriented, particularly valuing meaningful relationships.

  • AM idealistic and a visionary, wanting to make the world a better place.

  • Look to the future.

  • Trust my intuition, imagination, and impressions.

  • AM focused on developing potential, fostering and facilitating growth through coaching, teaching, counseling, and communicating.

  • AM generally enthusiastic!

  • Think in terms of integration and similarities and look for universals.

  • AM diplomatic.

  • AM frequently drawn to work that inspires and develops people and relationships.

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