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Kathy Kidd

CEO Kidd Marketing

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Dr. Venus, The Black Women Millionaires Mentor™ CEO & Creator, Defy Impossible, Inc.

Angela Spisak Online Marketing Specialist CEO & Creator, PoweredUp Marketing

Ronette is a WIZ at taking things off of your plate so you can make money!"  

Ronette saved my sanity! I have a robust business but needed a calm, fun and EFFECTIVE person to help me know where everything was! Ronette, with warmth and humor made lists, brought order out of my chaos and gave me the certainty and peace of mind to focus on revenue generating activities. And she brought systems to every area of our business instead of relying on what was in my head!  

If you are an entrepreneur who is drowning in the details of admin, hiring, creating process and just plan organizing your business HIRE Ronette! She will quickly and effectively get you sorted out and set-up to scale your business to the next lucrative level. 

Thanks Ronette for being an earth angel!  

Ronette came in as a Productivity Expert at a point in time when the company was going through a major transition and there was a broken organizational system.  

The team was feeling overwhelmed by their day and day projects and tasks. We all knew that the methods had to change but were unable to find the right solutions.  

Ronette thought to ask all the right questions to really pinpoint where the breakdowns were occurring. She goes beyond the day to day issues and takes a more holistic approach ensuring the strategy stays in place. Some of the visible improvements with the team are the ability to schedule their days, prioritize to get more done, and are more productive without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a change I thought was never going to happen!  

She has a clear understanding of what organizational systems are out of order, and how a person might be feeling about their organization, and how the two are wired together. If you’re facing difficulties with internal systems, organization or just getting tasks done I highly recommend working with Ronette, it will transform your business!  


“Ronette is extremely knowledgeable, professional and and excellent resource. She helped with some very time critical aspects to meet my business needs very grateful!”

Dr Aimee Sanchez

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