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Think about how refreshing it is when you run into a genuine person. Notice how they carry themselves, think act and treat you. It’s generally an uplifting experience given the day and age we live in. Being your authentic self is a positive goal to strive toward.

Moreover, there are many advantages that come from showing your true self and not being afraid to act vulnerable. There’s no good reason to pretend or fake an image that doesn’t speak to who you truly are. Don’t be afraid to let your real self-shine in your professional and personal life. Below are a few benefits that speak to the importance of being your authentic self.

#1 Building Deeper Relationships. Your relationships will be stronger and deeper when you show who you really are to those you interact with. You’ll be more open to sharing and listening to them in return Your layers will be gradually peeled back and you’ll begin to feel more of a human connection during the exchange. You won’t feel like you need to hide and pretend, which will allow for a more authentic conversation.

#2 Living a More Congruent Lifestyle. Living like two or more different people is exhausting and hard to do. You’re one person with your coworkers and a completely different person on the weekends. Only being one type of person doesn’t take as much work. Be who you are no matter where you are and enjoy how refreshing it feels. You’ll quickly feel lost if you continue to switch approaches depending upon who you’re interacting with. Living congruent gives you the courage to create your own definition of what success means to you and allows you to be comfortable with it.

#3 Building Honesty & Trust. It’s easy to build honesty and trust when you show your true self from the beginning. Allow people to get to know the real you. It’ll help you decide who’s a good fit for remaining in your life and who you think is best as an acquaintance or not in your life at all. Of course, it’s still important that you're smart about who you let in and share personal details with, versus those you tell more surface-level information to. Trust can only be built when you’re being authentic, because you’re opening up and giving your honest opinion.

#4 Having More Natural Energy. Your energy levels are higher because you’re not having to go around pretending to be someone you’re not. You won’t need to think about and prepare for interactions based on who you’re meeting up with. You can simply show up as you are and, therefore, allow people to interact with your true self. It’s exhausting having to put on a show or face for every different conversation you engage in. Trying to be perfect instead of simply being yourself will wear you out and keep you from building the relationships you want!


P.S. Earlier this week I posted a FB Live of the same title; "Are they meeting you or your representative". You can watch it here.

I am a business coach , speaker, author of "Redefining ROCKSTAR Leadership" and the creator of the 4P Movement: Productivity, People Management, Profitability and Peace of Mind. Connect with me on Facebook , LinkedIn, Twitter and click HERE to receive my weekly report.

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