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Don’t fear failure…. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime!

Don’t fear failure…. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime’. Funny enough this is a Bruce Lee quote. In general, we have accepted that fear is just a “human nature” thing and therefore allow fear to creep into all aspects of our lives. It impacts our decisions and actions or in-actions. At the height of our fear we allow it to paralyze us and not let us take chances or take risk.

In particular as entrepreneurs, if you allow fear to steer that wheel you will lose out on all-types of opportunities. I know that I had experienced that and I am sure that many of you can relate. Hence, what I would like for you to consider is instead of running from the fear, what would it be like to RUN TO THE FEAR? Taking that approach so that you can challenge yourself to step into the areas of opportunities and possibilities that do scare you and see what that brings forth because…you never know what can happen.

There is a quote from Rich Dad, Poor Dad that I love and I wanted to share. One of the points made was don’t blame – It states, “When my rich dad asked me what went wrong the first thing I did was blame my partners and the economy; he immediately said, “Never blame anyone for your failure”, but it was their fault I replied. Shaking his head my rich dad said, “If you blame someone else you will never learn from your mistakes, if you blame, you give your power away remember there are no victims, only volunteers and YOU volunteered to become an entrepreneur.” I thought that was pretty powerful and accurate as well. Particularly since it isn’t always easy not to blame. There are times when you will struggle when others are involved and you feel like you did everything that you needed to do, you stepped up to the plate, crossed all your T’s and dotted all your I’s and it still didn’t go as planned. This is the time when your mindset can make all the difference and instead of blaming you can use that as an opportunity to learn for the next time. That approach will allow you not to become “stuck” but instead be able to move forward.

Turning Failure into Business Success

Part of the issue is that we consider failure to be a bad thing. Understandably. From when we were little kids failure was not something to be tolerated. It was not something to be accepted. It was definitely not something to aspire too. So we have been running from failure for most of our lives.

However, I would like to challenge you to redefine failure. What if failure represented a great learning opportunity for you to reassess or reevaluate what was done in the past? That way you look back at the failure and ask yourself such questions as; “What can I learn from this”, “How can I make tweaks or changes so that the outcome will be different the next time around.” or “What did or didn’t work, and why?” Take failure as an opportunity to move forward and learn and not as a reason to recoil and make proclamations like, “see what happened there, I’m never trying that again!” That will only leave you stagnant and in a place where you will miss out on a lot of opportunities that “could” have been.

Now to be honest, you may take that risk and you may fail but on the flip side you may gain great opportunity. If you do not take that risk at all, if you do not move forward at all then you will definitely not get that shot to move forward! It’s really a mindset in regards to failure. Moving forward with failure as your ally and not your enemy. Knowing that if you have failed that means you now have an opportunity to learn from that.

We have to keep pushing ourselves, we have to keep growing and expanding. In order to do this you have to do things that are out of your comfort zone and sometimes out of your core knowledge. With every failure you will be provided with a lesson for you to go one step higher or one step closer.

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