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Telling Your Story to Make the Sale: Showing up as your true self!

This past Thursday, I took a very short trip to attend a 3 Day Conference. The Results; I was inspired. I was catered to. I was fed emotionally, mentally and spiritually. But most importantly I showed up as my TRUE self which allowed me to give and to receive all of the abundance within and around me.

During breaks, lunches, down times etc., I would talk and share visions, desires and “war” stories with fellow attendees and presenters. We had conversations about the ups, the downs, the challenges and the successes of our businesses and our personal lives. I shared my views and my passions and without really selling I was able to walk away with some major connections, a new expert coach and a new client. As I was driving back home and had time to reflect I really began to think about how, just showing up as your true self can do so much more for you. That a lot of times 80% of the "battle" with sales is won by just showing up authentically. We’ve all heard the saying “know, like and trust factor” correct? Well showing up as your true self is a fast track to that.

When it comes to selling, if you want to sell you have to make people want to listen to you. I repeat. Not only listen but want to listen to you. I know that when I’ve gone to a conference or a workshop or anything of that nature and I’m sitting there in the audience and someone is on stage and they’re speaking and their story has pulled me in and I can recognize myself in their story, I am more inclined to want to continue to listen. If the connection deepens, then I am even more inclined to move forward (by investing) or partner with that person because I have seen myself in them and I also feel that I have seen their true self. From my experience with clients I have come to realize that people will retain more through stories. Genuine stories tend to hold people’s interest. Going back to this past weekend, I was sharing things in regards to my business and my personal life that pertained to topics that were being discussed and presented. The organic benefit of that is that whether an hour later, a week later or a month later; when that colleague speaks about a similar pertinent situation that either previously occurred or is imminent they can easily recall and relate it back to me based on a story that I told that resonated with them. Again, it’s not just wanting people to listen but you want them to want to listen. You want them to want more of your story and more of you; your genius, your thoughts, your approach and how you process what you process. To be so compelling that you leave them wanting more of you. So in order to do that I have 3 quick tips that you can start working on in your life immediately.

Accept who you really are

Once you figure out; what drives you, what motivates you, the best path to your real self, then you would just need to accept yourself. I think that when you walk in that acceptance, when you speak in that acceptance, when you relate to people in that acceptance then you walk in a way that is very clear. You know who you are and you accept who you are and people will more easily receive you and they will feel more comfortable knowing that they are getting the true you and not your “representative”.

Be your best creative self

Lots of times your creative self can be blocked by feelings such as being right or a feeling of failure. You may not want to speak your truth because of how it’s going to be received or you may feel pressured to conform to what everybody else is doing or saying or thinking. Don’t allow external things to distract your true self. Keep in mind that you need to be true to your creative self and the way that you see things. You may see things “out the box”, “beside the box” or “behind the box” or there may be no box but speak to that because that perspective may not have been presented or spoken previously and even though it may be overruled at least you’re being true to your creative self.

Know and respect your limits

We all know the things that we are great at and the things we’re not so great at. In my life, I have identified those things that I’m not so great at however I figure out ways to fill in those gaps. Per example, I can acknowledge that I might not be a social media guru but then I can decide that I will put somebody in place that can help me with that aspect of work. You need to not only just know your limits but you need to respect them. Then you can be empowered to get the appropriate resources in place to address those gaps so that it will be an easier transition for you when you are speaking to potential clients or people that you are collaborating with. Also, when those limiters show up you’re speaking to solution and not to your limit which in turn will give them confidence in what you can bring to the table.

Tell your stories, tell your truth and be your wonderful self and the people who are for you will claim you.

If you are ready to walk in your true self however you need help with any of the above steps listed we should have a conversation. Part of what I do for my clients is to help them reengage the momentum, release the over whelm and apply tools, processes and mindset shifts so that they can boost their business and their life. Send me a private message or email me at

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