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This is a special edition BLOG. First, I would like to take a moment to say that this Thanksgiving one of the things that I am thankful for is YOU. My followers. Last year at this time, I did not have a blog. Last year, at this time I was a parallel-preneur. I was still working my corporate 9-5 job and I had several clients that I was supporting on the side. Last year at this time I was praying to be a full time entrepreneur with a thriving business, great clients, great travel and exposure, great mentors and mastermind groups and the ability to share my story. And now, in two days I will be launching my first BEST SELLING book. Now, look at GOD!!

Now my instinct is to start working on Book #2, which will be happening, but just not right now. I am taking some time to just bask in the accomplishment of Book#1. Image that! Taking some time to really be still and sit in and process all of these wonderful feelings and experiences that I have engaged in recently. That includes the high moments and the low moments. To really acknowledge; my determination to START and NOT QUIT, my fears that did pop up and how I moved past them, my feelings of possibly being judged yet still boldly and unapologetically standing in my authentic self. All of that and more. I am taking some time to truly be in awe of where I am today versus where I was a year, 6 months or even 3 months ago. I am taking a moment to appreciate ALL that was necessary to occur for me to get to this day and this moment.

I had a FB Live yesterday titled, “It takes sweet AND bitter ingredients to make some of the best dishes. EMBRACE THE ENTIRE RECIPE! “I am sharing the link with you here. This video really captures where I am in regards to life and gratitude right now. This AHA moment in regards to our willingness and awareness to follow a recipe that may have ingredients that we question but we add and keep moving because we’ve tasted the finished product before and we know that it will be scrumptious in the end. That is life.

Right now I’m preparing for a feast. Yes, I will be slamming on some good food tomorrow however I am referring to the feast of my book launch and all that is to come from that day forward. All of the...pinch of this here, cup of that there, that I have added or have been added is getting ready to be served up to me on a beautiful platter. And these moments will then become the basis for a new recipe.

As I move to my Black Friday Book Launch (11/24 @ 12pm EST), I will be posting ads, doing FB Lives, sending emails etc. I will be keeping people informed and making request in regards to downloading the book. I will send more specifics on Friday morning but as a heads up I am requesting two things from you;

  • 2 clicks and 20 seconds ( click the amazon link and click the download link)

  • Share (share with your network of friends and family)

Also, my book will be FREE to download on Black Friday Launch Day only so this is the time to jump on it.

Lastly, I want to end where I started. This Thanksgiving, I appreciate you! Thank you for being my audience. Thank you for allowing me to share my stories, tips, experiences and my life.

I appreciate you!

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful, peaceful, fun-filled, belly-filling Thanksgiving!


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