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Are you ready to make Incredible Change Happen?

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over... instead of craving control of what your don't! - Steve Maraboli

What would life be like today if you let go of craving control over one thing you can’t control anyway? The need to control usually stems from fear.

What would your one thing be?

I'll share mine if you share yours. :-)

I crave control over my children's' mindset and approach to their classes and schoolwork. They entered middle school this past year and their desire to apply themselves, focus and do well seemed to have considerably waned. Even though most teachers and parents I talk to about it tell me that, "something just happens in the 6th grade" and "it's normal" and "they'll get back on track soon enough", I'm thinking "Ain't nobody got time for that!" I need to see improvement asap! I will say that I have seen some improvement since they went back after the end of year break. Maybe they did just need some middle school adjustment time.So I am continuing my journey of letting go and allowing incredible changes to happen!

On this journey I have come to embrace the fact that there are only certain things that only I can do or can influence. The rest of it I either outsource/delegate to others or Let Go and Let GOD. However it took me decades to get with that thinking and start to delegate the "should".

What do I mean by that?

Well every time I say I "should" do something that normally means I am getting ready to take on something that I don't truly own. Something that either belongs to someone else or needs to be handed off to someone else. Let's face it, in order for us to be Intentional With our TIME we need to be very clear on what is ours to do and what is not.

I.AM.CLEAR. and that is why I have my personal virtual team that I will outsource certain tasks to ( whether business or everyday tasks) so that I can focus on my areas of genius. As an entrepreneur your time is money, spend it wisely!

Do you have resources that you can outsource to? How would you like your own personal Global Virtual Assistant?

In my continued effort to meet entrepreneurs and leaders where they are I have designed a monthly subscription plan. It is aptly called, My Global Virtual Assistant. The plans includes;

  • MONTHLY 4P BLUEPRINT :A Step-By-Step instructional Blueprint which includes tips, insights, how to’s and actionable steps within each 4P Movement area; Productivity, People Management, Profitability and Peace and Mind.

  • PRIVATE FB COMMUNITY: A private Facebook Community - just created with YOU in mind! It is a place for support, shared experiences, and advice

  • MONTHLY Q&A VIA FB LIVE : A Monthly Q&A Facebook LIVE - where you'll get to ask questions about the blueprint or anything else!

  • 4 HOURS OF VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE: YES, you read that right! Four hours monthly!

As I wanted to ensure this was doable for everyone, no matter your budget, I am offering this Monthly Subscription at a no brainer monthly rate! This monthly subscription goes live on February 1st.

You can get all the details as well as subscribe on the My Global Virtual Assistant Page.

I am so excited as this will get you several steps closer to Redefining your "ROCKSTAR" and retiring your "Overwhelmed Supewoman" cape.

Once subscribed we will have a needs assessment on-boarding call to get you started!

I look forward to optimizing and adding value to your business and personal life.


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