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What comes to mind when you think of powerful leadership? Your answer should reflect an image of someone who is a self-starter, someone who commands authority and whose mere aura demands respect all the time. Maybe, this person possesses a combination of both attributes. There are qualities that a person should possess if they are going to be leading a pack of leaders! If you are lacking in this area, then you should continue reading! These top three are the most important criteria.

Believe in yourself & others

If you want to lead, then you must be able to get others to follow you. There are going to be many tasks for you to accomplish, just by way of your position. So you will have to understand the importance of delegation and transparency. Prove to your peers & equals that they are just as capable of doing the job as you are. Be confident in your self and your team. Trust that you and your team can handle the job and you all will go far together. This is not to suggest that there won’t be failures along the way, but you all will be able to recover from the failures if you work together. When you have a weak phase, request suggestions about the best way to strengthen it. Believe in those suggestions and try your best to implement them. No one is perfect so neither of you all can expect perfection from the other. Lastly, remember to emit positive energy and have an amazing attitude as this will produce a world of difference


Stick to the principles

All organizations have systems and procedures that a solid leader adheres to. They expect the same from all parties involved. No exceptions! The team wants to believe that you are always setting the example with your integrity and mindfulness. Furthermore, they want to learn from your experiences. So you should lead by example and be mindful of your actions. You manage your duties and love doing them. It's part of this job so you are pleased to handle what has to be taken care of. Creating an influence on the company and also your team is always your priority. You know that it's rewarding to follow guidelines through and through. Equally important, successful leaders are excellent communicators, and it is especially true when it comes to "performance expectations." For this reason, never forget to communicate what you expect out of your team and hold them accountable for the expected results, product and standard of expectations.

Invest in your Team

The connection with your team depends heavily on how well you contribute to their growth and development. You're a great teacher, mentor & motivator. Additionally, you're educated and are always willing to share the wealth of your knowledge with them. Not to mention, you are a problem solver that doesn't procrastinate and understands that this is the only means to ensure that the job gets done. All of these attributes are certain to go a long way. However, ultimately, they want to know that you value each individual’s growth spurt. So please be certain to invest in them as this will deepen their trust and loyalty toward you and your brand.

Let's start #opTEAMizing!!


P.S. If you are interested in finding out how by investing in your team you will see a rise in team morale which will result in an increase in overall employee productivity, which makes your company more profitable then read about our opTEAMization programs here. From there you can reach out for a free consultation where we can discuss your needs and how I can help.

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