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Margarita's, Mai Tai's and Mischief on the Beach....Wish You Were Here!

Wow! How life has changed for me. To think in the midst of coaching clients, launching programs, creating content, etc. I am preparing for a week long retreat in Aruba next week. Blue Skies, Blue Water, White Sand and perfect 80 degree weather. I. AM.IN!

So let me ask you, how times have you rec'd a "wish you were here" postcard like the one below? How many more times do you need to get one before you take action and make changes so that you can be free??? Seriously....

Margarita's, Mai Tai's and Mischief on the beach....Wish You Were Here!

It's AMAZING to think that it was less than nine months ago that I flipped the switch to 100% entrepreneurship! In that time I have been able to travel (on my schedule), incorporate regular self-care, support my clients, invest in myself by engaging coaches and mentors, network with like-minded colleagues and have a true balance between my work and personal life all while making $$$!!!

However it wasn't always that way. I can recall days feeling so overwhelmed and overworked that I would sit in a dark room and just cry. Going non-stop, jumping from task to task, staying up to the wee hours of the morning and getting back up at the crack of dawn. I was making money BUT at what cost?

I had to find a better way and I did. I cracked the code, the winning combination that gave me the time, revenue and most importantly the FREEDOM that I desired. Hallelujah!

So I have two questions for you in regards to your business.

  1. What has you pissed off in regards to your schedule? I mean so angry that you feel trapped or paralyzed or both.

  2. What would have you doing the Happy Dance? Even if it seems impossible. C'mon dream big!

I would REALLY like to know the answers to both of those questions. So much so that for the first 10 people that respond will be gifted with a high-powered 20 minute consultation.

Now there is a time limit on this offer. I will open my calendar up for the next 48 hours only. I am hopping on a plane early Sunday morning, and I will be unavailable for the entire week.


You can respond with you answers on my contact me page here.

As I want to utilize our precious time on our call, I encourage you to come willing and open to have a REAL conversation in regards to what responsibility you need to take in regard to where you are in your business. That's right put on the big girl panties and let's really dig in. We can't change it if we don't own it!!!

If you would like to be the person sending the postcard versus receiving it, respond to these two questions, ASAP!

Take Soon!

Ronette Clarke Williams CEO and Founder Optimum Productivity, Inc. Work: (678) 215-8324

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