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[SOLOPRENUERS] Do you cringe at the word “structure”? Does it feel regimented and filled with words like “discipline”, “organization”, “schedule” and “systems”? Well contrary to popular belief, structure paves the path to freedom and a lack of structure is the exact opposite of freedom.

Structure gives you instant clarity on where everything is, and answers so many decision-making questions that inevitably come up.

Let’s look at creating content. Coming up with a firm structure for how that data will be grouped, stored and presented seems hard and unnecessary at first, until you realize that it gives you the foundation for building more products and experiences off that data and content. A little planning, organization and structure on the front end makes room for freedom through knowledge that you have an easily reusable blueprint going forward.

Structure gives you permission to not feel guilty.

Take for example, my morning coffee “reflection” time. I have 30 minutes in my daily schedule allocated to a good cup of coffee with a side of “reflection”, ok, ok…daydreaming. This is scheduled after my morning walk and right before I start my day. Knowing that I have that 30 minutes already reserved for “reflection” means I don’t feel guilty for not already starting my day. I don’t feel guilty for not checking my email yet. Scheduling that time gives me permission to “sip and veg”, which I would otherwise be likely to feel guilty about in the past.

Most people aren’t free because they take action based on their emotional reaction in the moment. Structure means you make the plan, then WORK the plan. There is an amazing feeling of freedom from structuring the time to do it.

Structure, Organization and Freedom are among many of the topics that I will discuss during my FREE WEBINAR TRAINING on Monday, July 24th @ 8pm EST. If you are ready to get over your uneasiness and apply structure and organization so that you can be optimally productive in your business you should join this training.

FROM C.E.O (Chief "Everything" Officer) TO C.E.O (Chief Executive Officer): 5 PRODUCTIVITY TIPS THAT ALL SOLOPRENEURS SHOULD KNOW

One this call, I will reveal 5 powerful tips that will breakdown how to remove the "busyness" from your day to day activities to create your IDEAL business that will provide you with the ORGANIZATION, TIME and REVENUE that you desire!

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