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Are You Still the "YES" girl in your business?

Are you destroying your profit potential by wrapping yourself in the security blanket of "pleasing" everyone else?

If you are anything like me (and I bet you are) you started your business for many reasons, right?

• To be able to be of service to others and make a difference in the world

• To share your expertise and experiences.

• To give the best of yourself on your terms

• To be able to create an ideal business experience that would provide you with the Time, Revenue and Freedom that you desire

Yep, I had the same desires and hopes. But then shortly after I started my business I realized that based on my actions, mindset and what I choose to focus on I had turned my business into a job. Ugh!! The exact opposite of what I wanted.

It took me a minute to learn that it was physically impossible to try to accommodate every request that was presented to me. I thought I could do it all. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. Well, that was not working and I had to make a CHANGE.

So, I started setting boundaries. I said “no” to opportunities and requests that weren’t going to benefit or be in line with my company, integrity and brand. I truly (not play, play) started to value and protect my time which lead to increased productivity, and while it felt uncomfortable the first couple of times, it became much easier after I experienced first-hand how eliminating time-wasting requests improved my productivity. This was an issue with mindset not skill.

So let me ask you ladies? Are you still that “YES” girl?

Did you know that your PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITABILITY are not based on how HARD you work? That in order for you to attract and keep satisfied clients it isn’t a requirement that you start and end your day exhausted from saying YES to everyone and making sure that everything is PERFECT?

Do you value and protect your time? TRUE CEO’s do!

If you are ready to truly (not play, play) start valuing and protecting your time like a true CEO, please join me for this Thought Provoking FREE Webinar TRAINING

Register here

If you know of any other women that would benefit from this webinar, please SHARE this post.

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